Using the UC Merced Sierra Nevada Field Stations

Guidelines for station use

The purpose of the field stations is to facilitate research, education, and public service. Station use must fall within this mission, according to the partnership agreement between UC Merced and the National Parks. Casual or recreational stays are not permitted. While visiting the field stations, guests must be respectful of the community, the facilities, and station guidelines.

Facility descriptions

Reserving Sierra Nevada Research Station Facilities

To make a reservation for any SNRS facilities, please use the UC Natural Reserve System Reserve Application Management System. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

Research in the National Parks

If you are planning to conduct research within either Yosemite or Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks, you will need a Park Service research permit. Be sure to start the process early since permits can take several months to obtain. To request a research or collecting permit, visit the National Park Service's Research Permit and Reporting System.  If you are working on other public lands (BLM, National Forest), you will need to obtain permits for that work as well.

What to Expect and What to Bring

We provide basic cabins: mattresses without bedding, and kitchens with standard dishes, utensils, and appliances. Users must bring linens, pillows, towels, food, and disposable kitchen and bathroom supplies. Users of classroom facilities should bring their own disposable supplies like flipcharts, markers, etc. We do not have housekeeping services. Users are expected to clean the facilities thoroughly when they depart, and we provide basic cleaning supplies.  Details can be found in What to Expect, User Requirements, and the Check-Out Checklist.

Before your arrival

Review the following well in advance of your arrival. Group leaders are responsible for communicating the following information to everyone in their party.

During your visit

  • Know and follow the rules and regulations for the National Parks.
  • Be a good neighbor in the communities. Follow the User Requirements.
  • Quickly report any maintenance issues or other problems to the station director (209-628-1064) or steward (209-626-6985).
  • Keep facilities in good order, including keeping food away from bears and rodents.
  • Respectfully share space with other users of the SNRS.

Upon your departure

  • Follow the Check-Out Checklist for cleaning. Failure to leave the facilities clean and in good repair will result in your group being invoiced for cleaning and/or repair services.
  • YFS users, return checklist and user waivers to the mailbox at the back of the SNRS Office (7799 Chilualna Falls Rd.)
  • SEKI FS users, you may submit your completed checklists, waivers, etc. electronically or via mail (PO Box 2117, Wawona CA 95389). Please call to report any maintenance issues.



Yosemite Field Station

  Sequoia Field Station

UC, USGS, NPS, USFS $20/night $300/month $7.50/night
Non-UC academic $30/night $450/month $7.50/night
other (including K-12) $40/night $600/month $7.50/night

*** Rates will be changing effective July 1, 2017.


Cancellation Policy

There is a 10-day cancellation policy for the SNRS field stations. Reservations cancelled more than 10 calendar days in advance will not be charged. However, you will be expected to pay for the first 2 nights reserved if you cancel fewer than 10 calendar days prior to the date of the reservation. Similarly, you will be charged for the initial number of people for the first 2 nights if any decrease in the total number of participants is made fewer than 10 days in advance (eg. if you decrease your group from 10 people to 7 people fewer than 10 days in advance, you will be charged for 10 people for the first two nights, then 7 people for the remaining nights). Group leaders are responsible for informing the station director of cancellations within their groups, and communicating this policy to their participants.

In the case of extreme weather or other hazards (such as fire), the station may be closed at any time at the discretion of the station director. In this case, users will not be charged for cancelled reservations.

Payment Methods

  • Checks may be made out to "Regents of the University of Caliornia", "UC Regents"
  • Credit cards accepted- Visa & Mastercard
  • No cash

Pet Policy

There are no pets allowed at the SNRS Field Stations. Service animals are welcome, but please inform SNRS staff prior to your visit.