Research at the Sequoia and Yosemite Field Stations

Working within the National Parks provides opportunities to work on important research questions in environmental science, climate change, anthropology, archaeology, social science, and history. Yosemite National Park has developed a list of research priorities for the park; scientists interested in these questions may find opportunities for collaboration with park scientists and other researchers.

Some examples of recent work at the stations:

COVID-19 and the Yosemite and Sequoia Field Stations

Updated 6/18/2020

The Yosemite and Sequoia Field Stations have begun to ramp up activities in compliance with UC Merced and National Park Service guidance and polcies. Please see our COVID-19 Information page for more information.

Any queries about Yosemite and Sequoia Field Station reservations can be directed to Breezy Jackson,, (209) 628-5758.