Emergency Information

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General information

Call 9-1-1 to report emergencies!

UC Merced and the National Park Service are available to all guests to assist with problems during your stay at the stations, regardless of your official affiliation. All field station guests must abide by the UC Merced Code of Conduct.

Guests are strongly encouraged to take a "go bag" when away from the station for any period of time. This bag should include anything you would need for a few days should the station be evacuated and you are unable to return.  The go bag should include crucial medications, passports and documents, cell phones and chargers, and anything else you might need for a few days.

Yosemite Field Station Emergency Information

Phones: All cabins have hardwired phones for local and toll-free calls, and long distance calls with a calling card. A pay phone is available on a cabin near the Pine Tree Market, on Chilnualna Falls Rd at the intersection with E Bruce Rd.  Only Verizon has limited cell coverage in Wawona.

Fire: In case of fire, evacuate and report your status as soon as possible. The assembly location for station guests is the SNRS Office at 7799 Chilnualna Falls Rd, if that location is safe. Once you are in a safe location, report your whereabouts to the station director at 209-628-5758.


Emergency care: Call 9-1-1

  • Yosemite Medical Clinic 209-372-4637 (Yosemite Valley, limited hours);
  • Oakhurst Urgent Care 559-683-2992  (Open 8am-7pm every day; 48677 Victoria Lane, Oakhurst)
  • Medical assistance questions: Yosemite Park Law Enforcement - 209-375-9520; Yosemite Park Emergency Dispatch - 209-375-0214
  • Assault / sexual assault: Mountain Crisis Services - 888-966-2350 (24 hours, confidential, can provide transportation)

Assault, stalking, harassment, and other behavioral issues:

  • Mountain Crisis Services - 888-966-2350 (24 hours, free and confidential, can provide transportation)
  • Valley Crisis Center - 209-722-4357 (24 hours, free and confidential, can provide transportation)
  • UC Merced Campus Advocate, CARE Department - Valara Villaneuva - 209-386-2051 (free and confidential; Kolligan Library, UC Merced, Suite 107)
  • Need a safe place? - call the station director - 209-628-1064
  • Yosemite Law Enforcement - 209-375-9520

Law enforcement:

  • Yosemite Law Enforcement, 24 hour dispatch - 209-379-1992
  • Wawona Visitor Center - 209-375-9531

Building maintenance:

  • SNRS Maintenance Steward cell - 209-626-6895
  • SNRS Director cell - 209-628-5758
  • Propane - Campora - 559-683-4648
  • Power - PG&E - 800-743-5000 (24 hour emergencies); 800-743-5002 (24 hour power outages)

Sequoia Emergency Information

At the field station in Wolverton, there is a pay phone in front of the old ski lodge, which is across the parking lot from the field station cabin.  Dial 9-1-1 on the phone for emergencies; toll-free numbers also should work.  Some spare change should be available in the cabin for other emergency calls, or use the wifi available in the cabin and VOIP software.

Assault, stalking, harassment, and other behavioral issues:

Building maintenance:

  • SNRS Maintenance Steward cell - 209-626-6895
  • SNRS Director cell - 209-628-5758
  • NPS facilities manager - 559-565-3143

COVID-19 and the SNRS

Updated 4/20/2020

The following represents current guidance for the UC Merced Natural Reserve System. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation to protect the health and safety of visitors and staff, and to revise policies in the event of specific campus, state, NRS, NPS, or CDC guidance.

Yosemite Field Station: 

  • All visits are cancelled through the end of April, 2020.
  • In April, and pending resolution of the statewide "shelter-in-place" order issued by Governor Newsom, we anticipate allowing only visits that support essential research (i.e., place-based scholarly activities and programs that cannot reasonably be conducted elsewhere or rescheduled for a later date). Any essential research visitor groups must be 10 or fewer people. Approval is subject to the availability of housing that can allow for appropriate social distancing while staying at the field station.
  • Processing of all *new* reservations for May through August 2020 is on hold, as we develop our plans for allowing future use of the field station. We will issue updated guidance for May and beyond as the situation evolves.

Sequoia Field Station:  The field station remains closed for the winter, but re-opening may be impacted by COVID-19.

Any queries about SNRS reservations can be directed to Breezy Jackson, bjackson10@ucmerced.edu, (209) 628-5758.